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Jazz à Blauzac #Jazzablauzac @soireesblauzac


The jazz festival in Blauzac will be held July 3-4-5. Blauzac is an elegant little village just south of Uzès. We’ve mentioned this festival before, because we’ve enjoyed it so much. More information is on their website. If you are here, don’t miss it. It’s just that good! 





Pick Your Own Cherries! #uzes #cherry


The arrival of cherries indicates that summer is really here. The fruit from the farms and orchards around Uzès will be ready soon and what could be more authentic than picking your own red, juicy cherries? Domaine Natura is located in St Laurent-la-Vernède, a pretty village just 13 kilometers (8 miles) north of Uzès. This is a small winery that not only makes delicious wines, but they have bountiful orchards. Hours are Monday-Saturday 10am-12noon and 3pm-6pm.  www.domainenatura.fr

If picking is not an option, look to the markets for an abundance of fresh cherries! You won’t be able to resist.

Bon appétit!



Fun Things To Do This WE!


Summer is almost here. The sun is shining, the wild flowers are in bloom and there are so many things to keep us busy! Here are a few local events you won’t want to miss.

Le Temps des Cerises May 22, 6:30pm in La Bastide d’Engras. There will be entertainment, plus art in the streets.

"Le temps des Cerises" Saison 12





Tonnerre de Bio May 23 & 24 in St Quentin-la-Poterie. Organic wine festival with entertainment, food trucks and good wines!


Tonnerre de bio facebook page




Another Great Film About the Uzès Market!


Here is another fun look at the open-air market in Uzès. In case you subscribe to TV-5 in the US, there will be a rebroadcast on April 30. We brag about the market in Uzès a lot, but it is every bit as good as we say! Come see for yourself. You won’t be disappointed! Promise.

We manage la Tour des rêves (3 people) and la Terrasse d’Austerlitz (2 people), 100 meters from the place aux herbes.



A film featuring the Saturday market in Uzès! #uzesmarket #uzes


Be sure and watch this video in the next few days. It is only available on the internet until April 15th, so don’t miss it!  French Channel-3 made the film and it was shown in France April 8th.  Now we are making it available for you to see as well!

Well washed organic carrots and lettuce.


The nuns from the Monastère du Solan sell honey, fresh fruit preserves and wine.  All is made there with products grown on their property.


This film is for everyone who has ever been (or would like to go) to the open-air Saturday market in Uzès.  Although it is entirely in French, the sights and sounds of the market make the film a delight! The featured chef in the Uzès segment is Oscar Garcia, of La Maison d’Uzès.  He is the youngest chef in France to have a Michelin star. We get to follow him through the market as he searches for the local products he uses in his dishes. We get to see Régis Fabre, who has a trout farm and then sells the freshly caught fish at market. There is also a story about the Orthodox nuns from the monastery de Solan who make organic wines as well as jellies from their property.  The film starts in Brittany in the town of Morlaix. After watching, we have plans to go there as well!  Enjoy the film everyone!

And of course pottery for every occasion.


So many baskets!

Stopped at the flower vendor for a bouquet of anemones for a friend's birthday.








The Scent of Spring #uzes #market #spring!


The Saturday market in Uzès smelled good.  The sky was a clear blue that smelled clean and hinted of Spring not being too far away.  As I strolled by the stalls, the odors of flowers, olives, spices… even the fish were enticing and exciting.  The open-air markets are a constant in life in the South of France, and for some of us, a real highlight in the week.  Today, with the beautiful sky and the promise of Spring in the air, the market was especially delightful!  Hope you enjoy these photos.

An almond tree in bloom. Spring in near!

An almond tree in bloom.
Spring in near!



For a brief moment I had this street all to myself.

For a brief moment I had this street all to myself.

Scented soaps.

Scented soaps.

There were a couple of new booths with beautiful photos for sale.

There were a couple of new booths with beautiful photos for sale.

The displays are so inviting.

The displays are so inviting.

Look how the blue of the sky contrasts with the stone of the buildings.

Look how the blue of the sky contrasts with the stone of the buildings.

Stopped at the flower vendor for a bouquet of anemones for a friend's birthday.

Stopped at the flower vendor for a bouquet of anemones for a friend’s birthday.

Public Holidays in France


The days are getting longer, which means it’s time to start planning our summer vacation. With that in mind, here is a link to an updated list of public holidays in France, plus some useful information. 

Springtime near Uzès


A country road lined with “Genêts” (Spanish Broom) in bloom.


Remember, when you are making plans to rent a place to stay, take a train, or drive from one area to the other, it is good to take into account the impact of these holidays.  There are always lots of wonderful events that take place in conjunction with the holiday, but there can be extra traffic on the roads or the trains can be quite crowded.  It is wise to plan ahead for delays and parking.

For more information about the parades, entertainment and dinners that you won’t want to miss, here are some useful websites for the Uzès area:




Bonnes vacances!

La Nuit des Lucioles – #pontdugard #nuitdeslucioles


January 8, 9 and 10, the Pont du Gard will celebrate 30 years of being classified as a world treasure by UNESCO. The event is called “La nuit des lucioles” or in English “Firefly Nights”. These will surely be spectacular events!  More information is available on the website www.pontdugard.fr or on FaceBook

No tickets left in the Tourism Office( OT) of the Uzès areaOnly tickets in OT Bagnols sur cèze / OT Goudargues / OT Pont St Esprit / Point info Laudun/OT Nîmes/OT Vauvert/OT Grau du roi.


We wish everyone a very Happy New Year and hope you will continue to follow us on Out & About Uzès!  Bonne année à tous!

By dé Bo in Uzès


Here is a great tip on a shop in Uzès thanks to our friend Julie Mautner of The Provence Post.

By dé Bo Uzès


Marché de Noël Uzès – #uzès #christmas #market


The weather has been wet the past few weeks, but now the sun is out, and the sky is blue!  So, we are getting into the holiday spirit and looking forward to the Christmas markets.  In Uzès, the market will be this weekend, beginning Saturday December 13 in t