Cook’n with Class Uzès – French cooking classes in English

Exploring the food culture of France is a great way to get to know the French and to develop a palette and appreciation for all the country has to offer. It is with this idea in mind – a Taste of France, a love of Cooking and a desire to share French culture with visitors that our French cooking school was born. Through our French cooking classes in Uzès you will explore French cuisine, specifically Mediterranean and Provençale with market visits, local cheese & wine tasting & the occasional anecdotes.

Your French cooking classes starts off with a local FRENCH MARKET TOUR with your French Chef, Eric Fraudeau. You return to the school for a HANDS-ON French cooking experience. You’ll dine together over a 4-course meal including French wine, French cheese & of course, French bread.  Don’t worry, we won’t forget the Apéro before the meal to reward ourselves for a job well done.

You will be introduced to a number of French cooking recipes and will be mastering French cooking in no time. All classes are taught in English.

Looking for a fun way to discover Provençale and Mediterranean French Cuisine through regional French cooking recipes while in the South of France? Look no further than our French cooking school, Cook’n with Class Uzès.

Our guests receive 15% off their classes. Ask us for your discount code. Visit their site for more details.

Cook’n with Class Uzès
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