La Nuit des Lucioles – #pontdugard #nuitdeslucioles


January 8, 9 and 10, the Pont du Gard will celebrate 30 years of being classified as a world treasure by UNESCO. The event is called “La nuit des lucioles” or in English “Firefly Nights”. These will surely be spectacular events!  More information is available on the website or on FaceBook

No tickets left in the Tourism Office( OT) of the Uzès areaOnly tickets in OT Bagnols sur cèze / OT Goudargues / OT Pont St Esprit / Point info Laudun/OT Nîmes/OT Vauvert/OT Grau du roi.


We wish everyone a very Happy New Year and hope you will continue to follow us on Out & About Uzès!  Bonne année à tous!

By dé Bo in Uzès


Here is a great tip on a shop in Uzès thanks to our friend Julie Mautner of The Provence Post.

By dé Bo Uzès


Marché de Noël Uzès – #uzès #christmas #market


The weather has been wet the past few weeks, but now the sun is out, and the sky is blue!  So, we are getting into the holiday spirit and looking forward to the Christmas markets.  In Uzès, the market will be this weekend, beginning Saturday December 13 in the evening, and on Sunday and Monday during the day until 7pm.  The majority of the market will be in the Place aux Herbes, but it’s always worth it to explore the little streets in order to find art galleries and restaurants that are open. Happy Holidays!

La météo a été exécrable ces dernières semaines, mais maintenant, le soleil est de retour et le ciel est  de nouveau bleu!  C’est le moment parfait pour entrerdans l’esprit des fêtes et les marchés de Noël. A Uzès, le marché sera ce week-end,  commençant Samedi 13 Décembre jusqu’au Lundi.  La majorité du marché sera sur la Place aux Herbes, mais cela vaut la peine d’explorer les petites rues afin de trouver les galeries d’art et les restaurants!  Joyeuses Fêtes!



There will be a special showing of 11 artists in the Ancien Evêché.  The opening will be Friday evening and the gallery will be open until December 14.

Il y aura une pour l’occasion une exposition spéciale de 11 artistes dans l’Ancien Evêché.  Le vernissage sera vendredi soir et la galerie sera ouverte tout le week-end.


KDOS d'artistes Uzès


Facebook group sharing old pics from Uzès #uzès #pictures

Very interesting Facebook group sharing thousands of pictures about Uzès from the last century to nowadays, Enjoy!


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Rainy Day Adventures – #rainyday #uzès


Sometimes it rains, and sometimes it rains all day!

So, when that happens, it’s time to get the umbrella and go exploring!

We headed to St Quentin-la-Poterie, which is just 5 kilometers northwest of Uzès. As the name suggests, it has been a center for pottery for a long time. In fact, many of the tiles for the Palais des Papes in Avignon were made there in the 14th century. So, when you wander the little streets of this ancient village, it’s easy to conger up images of 14th century artisans working on their tiles.  It is also easy to walk into the present day artist’s shops and admire their beautiful pots!


An inviting blue door

An inviting blue door

The street was wet and dark except for the bits of blue tile leading the way.

The street was wet and dark except for the bits of blue tile leading the way.

Back in Uzès, the Wednesday marché was going on… even in the rain.  After all, we still need to cook our dinner!  And, look how happy the carrots and lettuce are.

After a quick wander around the market stalls, we headed to Chez Cerise, a cozy little restaurant on the place Dampmartin.  Now, I don’t want to sound too “over-the-top” here, but this place really is the answer to all of your romantic fantasies about little French cafés.  On this lovely, rainy day there was a fire in the fireplace, Michel Legrand music playing and one of the best lunches we have had in some time!   How’s that for the answer to your dreams about France?

Chez Cerise is open Wednesday – Sunday 9-4pm  Tel:

The perfect spot for a coffee or lunch.

The perfect spot for a coffee or lunch.

The bright colors of the bakery cheered us on!

The bright colors of the bakery cheered us on!

Well washed organic carrots and lettuce.

Well washed organic carrots and lettuce.

An open fire, an antique tea pot and a perfect lunch.

An open fire, an antique tea pot and a perfect lunch.

Avignon Blues Festival – #Avignon #Blues


Something else to do this weekend!

Avignon is an easy 39 kilometer (24 mile) drive just east of Uzès.

So, if you like the Blues, this looks like the place to be!


Fête du Goût à Uzès – #uzès


If you are one of those people who is drawn to France because of the food and wine, then the week of October 13-19, 2014 is for you.

Perhaps you are asking what is the Fête du Goût?

The English translation is simply Festival of Taste.  Since 1990, on the initiative of the food writer Jean-Luc Petitrenaud, the Ministry of National Education has sponsored a week in October to bring together local, regional and national sources in order to learn more about France’s culinary heritage and the food industry.  French students from kindergarten to high school participate in the event.  The aim is to educate consumers, including children, about the diversity and the pleasure of tastes and flavors.  Of course, this includes encouraging good eating habits as part of a balanced and sustainable way of life.

But enough of the dry explanations and on to the fun!

In Uzès on Sunday, October 12, there will be a full day of festivities.  There will be foods, wines, music, dance and even a waiter’s race!  This will be a great time for the whole family.  If you are in the area, don’t miss the fun.  Or, make a note on your calendar to come to Uzès next year to attend!!

A bientôt!


Christophe and Dominique launch their new website!


We are proud to unveil our new website of rental properties in the Uzège area!  For the past few months, we have been working with our website designer to create a site that is exactly what you will need when looking for a vacation rental.

Each house or apartment in our collection has been chosen for its charm and comfort.  These beautifully restored old buildings are fully equipped with all of the modern conveniences you will need for a perfect vacation in France!

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